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  Home of the George Washington Carver
InVenTures Institute for STEAM™
(Science - Technology - Engineering - Art - Math)

STEM-to-STEAM Training for the  Education Staff, Family Services Staff, Parents and Children from Head Start to Community Colleges
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These are special George Washington Carver Institute InVenTures for the 2015 Maryland STEM Festival and the National Science Teachers Association Area Conference in Philadelphia, PA.

Click the above picture to get started with the GWC iSPACE InVenTure.

iLIVE™ and SPACE™ InVenTures
These InVenTures are open to individuals, families and classes.
For the MD STEM Festival, they will begin on the first day –– November 6, 2015.
See below, for the National Science Teachers Conference in Philadelphia, PA.
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Click the logo above to register.
iLIVE™ – Investigating Life In Various Environments
National Science Teachers Association
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania Convention Center,  Rm. 202A
Saturday, November 14 •• 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

iLIVE™ is a national biodiversity project of  George Washington Carver InVenTures Institute for STEAM. Join us and create a citizen science phenology studies digital project that engages your students in multiple integrated science, technology, engineering, art, and math InVenTures.


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